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iPhone 14 Pro Repair Service in Chennai

Brokencare iPhone Service Center in Chennai is repairing all the issues with iPhone 14 Pro. If you are looking for an iPhone 14 Pro repair service in Chennai, come to us. We repair all your iPhone issues and will make it as a new mobile. We give quality repair service to all iPhone models. Since our technicians have sound knowledge of iPhone parts and their several years of experience will make them diagnosing the issues swiftly. We have a trained Apple repair panel and latest Apple repair equipment which enable us to provide a reliable iPhone service as fast as possible. The cost of repair will also be the best in the market. We are the best iPhone repairers in Chennai, since we are using only original spare parts.

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Replacement

We provide iPhone 14 Pro Battery Replacement service in chennai. Batteries are quickly replaceable so you need not to worry if you find any issues with your iPhone battery. Over usage will cause the deterioration of your mobile battery. If your iPhone battery becomes weak then it will show you the symptoms like fast drains, frequent switches off or rebooting and more. The malpractices like overnight charging or complete drain will also cause battery damage. Whatever it is, bring your iPhone as we will fix it in a few minutes with a 6 month warranty.

iPhone 14 Pro Face ID Issue

If you are not able to unlock your iPhone or any apps through Face id feature, reach us. We are experts in solving iPhone 14 Pro face id issue repair. Our technicians are fast to find where the issue is and will give a fast solution. The water log in your iPhone or the damage of flex cable, IC or other components might be the reason for face ID not working. But it's easy for us to fix it. Therefore, bring your iPhone to us. We can assure that you will get the fast reliable solution from us.

iPhone 14 Pro Back Glass Replacement:

Are you looking for an iPhone 14 Pro Back Glass Replacement service in Chennai. We are the best at. It is very simple to break but challenging to fix. To replace a back glass panel neatly, a lot of talent and craftsmanship are required. We replace it manually and use the latest equipment as well. We have a laser cutting machine which helps us to remove the broken back glass safely and quickly. Also helps us to paste the new Back glass smoothly. So if you broke your back glass, bring it to us immediately to get a quality replacement.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera & Camera Glass Replacement:

Are you looking for an excellent place for your iPhone 14 Pro Camera & Camera Glass Replacement? reach us. If you find any cracks or scratches in your iPhone camera Glass or if there are any water log symptoms in your iPhone camera, definitely it will frustrate you by clicking blurry or unfocused pictures. This will make you worry about not capturing memorable moments. No more worries hereafter, reach us immediately. We will fix it within an hour. We use only original quality spares. So that you will not miss any sweet moments. The cost of replacing the Camera & Camera glass will also be less compared to others.

iPhone 14 Pro Touch Screen Replacement

Broken Care service is extraordinary in an iPhone 14 Pro Touch Screen replacement. Do you have an unresponsive iPhone touch screen? It is not turning on as well? Is your iPhone's screen broken? Be cool. We are available for you. We will fix your iPhone with quality service. It is also easy to reach us. So without any hesitation or doubt bring your mobile to us to get a professional screen replacement service. We use genuine OEM spares in all replacements. We offer a one year warranty for screen replacements.

iPhone 14 Pro Ear Speaker Repair/Replacement:

Do you look for an iPhone 14 Pro Ear Speaker repair/replacement service in chennai? Ear speaker issue is also the most common issue. Are you also facing the same issue? if your iPhone's ear speaker is damaged you can not hear anything over the phone that others say. There are some reasons which stop the ear speaker like the dust, debris, liquid or any disconnection. We make every effort to repair your iPhone before considering replacement as a fix. Given that we only utilise genuine spares, we provide a 6 month warranty on ear speaker repair.