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iPad 2 Service Center in Chennai

Spot Service provide iPad 2 Service Center in Chennai, The Apple iPad 2 is a unique device from Apple product which most users are proud to own due to its excellent features, At our iPad 2 service center in Chennai our qualified technicians are well equipped to effect your Apple iPad 2 repair. We have highly skilled technicians who had been experienced with lots of Apple iPad 2 repair over the years.

The technicians at Spot Service Chennai have got all the skills, technology, and support to facilitate, serve and satisfy their prestigious clients. We can fix all the defects related to broken screen, scratch LCD, smashed display, and faults due to water ingress, liquid infection and aqua damages. The battery problems like non charging, weak battery, smoked and burnt batteries are also handled here. The software faults like ghost behavior of iPad and its malfunction are debugged. All sort of speaker issues either loudspeaker; ear piece, micro phone / mouth piece are solved by repair and replacement. The damaged buttons are also rectified.

Replacement Parts of iPad 2

iPad 2 Screen Repair Service in Chennai

Ipad 2 are quite useful and versatile that is why they have become Monday to saturday 10am to 8pm companion. During this companionship apple ipad 2 can get damage. This harm is normally caused by strike against some hard surface like dropping, or pouring water or liquid. The result these situations show worst effect on front glass touch screen of ipad 2. The scratches on the front screen of ipad 2 is also the caused that trigger a repair or replace request.

iPad 2 Water Damage Repair Service in Chennai

iPad 2 are very sensitive to liquid especially the devices like iPad 2 and unluckily the liquid encounter incidents are increasing day by day. The iPad 2 have become an essential component of our life and we take them everywhere we go. This increases the chance of liquid damage and the device instantly become non functional once it has fallen into the water or a juice has spilled over it. Liquid instantly affects the circuit board of the tablet device which causes corrosion or degradation of metals. The electronic devices are not resistant to liquid and it can cause various problems. This corrosion causes cracks in areas where the electricity is passed and thus the system stops when a liquid is entered into the device. The problems may also vary according to the type of liquid your device had encounter with for instance water and alcohol are least damaging while salt water and chlorine are the worst liquids to spill over the phones or iPads. Luckily, iPad 2 has an experience of dealing with all types of liquid damage cases and we ensure a functional device in a few days.

iPad 2 Battery Repair Service in Chennai

iPad 2 Battery Replacement Are you experiencing battery drains? slow and extended charging time? Not charging? iPad 2 suddenly shuts down by itself? iPad 2 is over heating or iPad 2 wont turn on? The iPad 2 has a lithium polymer battery which is a member of rechargeable batteries family. At Spot Service service centre our technicians knows how important battery life is to the iPad 2 users. An inefficient and failing battery could lead to data loss and unexpected shut down. We can access your battery and advice you on its current state, and you can be sure that we will offer you the best replacement and get your device back to life.

iPad 2 Camera Repair Service in Chennai

Apple iPad 2 has a good front camera which comes very handy when you have to make video calls to your loved ones. If you face any problems with the functionality of the front camera Spot Service is here to help you out instantly.

iPad 2 Dock Connector Repair Service in Chennai

Every ipad 2 is capsulated with a dock connector. This connector is used to charge the charge bank i.e. battery and to connect the ipad to computer through USB. A non working dock connector means neither you are able to charge your ipad nor able to establish the connectivity.

iPad 2 Home Button Repair Service in Chennai

Apple iPad 2 has a round shaped home button at the very bottom of the phone. This button is used for multiple functions such as work as a wake up button when the phone is in sleep mode. The iPad 2 has a Touch Id sensor in the home button which is built of laser cut sapphire crystal and thus is very sensitive to scratch otherwise the button will stop working.

iPad 2 Loudspeaker Repair Service in Chennai

Speakers convert electromagnetic waves in sound waves that we hear from phone or iPads. These electromagnetic waves are produced inside the circuitry of iPad 2. Loudspeaker of iPad 2 is a small ring shaped piece which is capable of playing audio on higher volume. The loudspeaker of iPad 2 is assembled at the bottom near the charging port. The loudspeaker of iPad 2 is used to transmit audio during calls or for listening to music and other entertainment stuff. The most important usage of a loudspeaker is that it enables the ring tone of the device to play when you get incoming calls. Loudspeaker is usually mostly used by people who make video calls and want others to also participate in the conversation or those who listen to loud music while working. Thus, a problematic loudspeaker can be quite disturbing for some people.

iPad 2 Volume Button Repair Service in Chennai

Apple iPad 2 has two stereo speakers to give fine output, the level of this output is controlled by the volume buttons. Of course with a faulty volume button the user would not be able to up or down the volume of his iPad 2 and hence mental disturbance.

iPad 2 WiFi Repair Service in Chennai

The main purpose of buying a smart device like iPad 2 is to be stay connected with the internet all the time. It allows the user to remain in connection with the world and anywhere they go. The WiFi technology has made it easier for the users to be connected to the world through wireless internet connection. The Wifi is more convenient and cheaper way as compared to cellular data usage and is widely used by the smart phone users around the globe. If your iPad 2 faces issues with WiFi connectivity then it’s the time to bring it to Spot Service and get it fixed within minutes.

iPad 2 Power Button Repair Service in Chennai

Power button is an oval shape button which is located at the right side of the iPad 2 and is an essential element to turn off or turn on the device whenever you want. The power button of iPad 2 also works as a sleep and wake up button when phone is powered on. The iPad 2 has a power button assembled along with the volume and mute button during the manufacturing time. If the button stops working it needs to be replaced with the complete power button flex assembly.