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iPad Repair in Chennai

Broken Care provides an exceptional iPad Repair in Chennai. We have a well trained and well experienced iPad technicians panel. Also we have all the latest equipment to handle iPad repairs smoothly and perfectly. We have thorough knowledge of iPad repair and know in and out of it. We have been fixing all the issues with the iPad. Cracked screen, Battery fault, Motherboard repair, Broken display, Speaker issue and more are the issues of iPad we have been majorly fixing. We utilise excellent Original quality spares in our service. The cost of repair will also be less. And we provide warranty for all our replacements. So try out our service and get satisfaction.

iPad Touch Replacement

Did you find your iPad's screen broken but the display works well without any lines or marks on it? Then you can only replace your iPad's touch screen alone. Our technicians have hands-on experience in iPad touch replacement. We only use OEM spares. Hence we are offering a 6 months warranty for our replacement. We will fix it in a few minutes for you, so that you can enjoy your iPad as usual.

iPad Display Replacement

Mostly display damage happens due to our carelessness. If you break your display accidently or it becomes unresponsive or if you find any lines or dots on your iPad without any worry you can reach us. We are always there for you to fix your iPad. We are a professional iPad Display Replacement provider in Chennai at best price. We also offer a 6 month warranty for all iPad screen replacements.

iPad Battery Replacement

Do you suspect that your iPad battery becomes abnormal? Have you found that your battery drains fast or is it bulged? These are all the symptoms of weakened batteries. It happens due to improper maintenance of your iPad like letting battery down completely or overnight charging. Broken Care is the best place for iPad battery replacement. We will replace it in a few minutes. We only use the original spare in our replacements.

iPad Water Log Repair

iPad water log repair needs an expert solution. So even a small amount of water can cause your entire iPad to corrode, so make sure to contact a reputable service shop like us as soon as possible if you notice water seeingping into it. If you wait too long, you may suffer more damage. Our technicians will use chemicals to thoroughly clean it, including any corrosion-prone areas. Furthermore, there will be no additional damage to your iPad.

iPad Speaker Replacement

Symptoms of a speaker fault include not being able to hear anything or hearing breaking sounds. It would have been blocked or disconnected by dust, debris, or liquid. First and foremost, we always pay attention to repairing the speaker. If there is no possibility of repairing it, we will replace it. And also we provide a 3 month warranty for replacements. Hence you can get quality iPad speaker replacement at a reasonable price.

iPad Motherboard Replacement

Our Technicians are highly skilled and trained in iPad motherboard replacement. Motherboard fault is a major problem for iPad. because it is connected to all the other parts of the iPad. Our technicians keenly check whether all the parts are working once iPad motherboard replacement has been done. Because if there is any issue with the motherboard it will show some symptoms like the battery will not be recognised, it will not turn on. Hence we will fix it quickly.